6 characteristics of successful technology salespeople

6 characteristics of successful technology salespeople

The surge in technological fields such as cybersecurity, big data, IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence has created a great demand for technology sales experts to offer software emerging from these new disruptive technologies. But, to succeed in technology sales, what talents do you need? Here we present six characteristics of a successful technology salesperson.

Technical Expertise

It’s critical to have a solid technical understanding of the products and services you’re selling if you want to succeed in this field. To overcome any concerns later down the road, technology sales experts must be able to describe the features and benefits of technical products in a straightforward manner and illustrate how it is superior than its competitors. Because technology evolves quickly, the most outstanding technology salespeople stay current on new products and technologies. Reading industry studies and analysing material on prospective clients’ websites can help you better understand products and industries.

Strong business head

The sale of technology software is frequently a substantial strategic investment for firms due to the high cost of new technology implementations. To acquire buy-in from top board members, technology sales specialists must present crucial information to key decision-makers, such as a cost-benefit analysis. If the outcomes are successfully communicated, important stakeholders will have a business and financial case to offer decision-makers.

A consultative approach

Technology salespeople must grasp their prospects’ pain points and identify key opportunities to provide a consultative approach, demonstrating how the solution on offer may be customised to the client’s needs. Salespeople can establish trust and present a more compelling proposition that is an excellent fit for the client by listening intently to the goals and needs of prospective clients.

Relationship-building agent

From financial executives to technical managers, technology salespeople must be able to connect with a variety of company stakeholders. It can take many months for an initial interaction to turn into a sale, so this can be a slow process. Regular contact is crucial to maintaining these connections. The most skilled salespeople tailor their communication methods to each stakeholder’s preferences — they know if the finance executive prefers face-to-face meetings or prefers to communicate via email.

Group player

Because of the large number of parties engaged in the technology teams, collaboration is critical to success. Technology salespeople must collaborate with technical specialists to develop solutions for clients, which necessitates a great deal of effort and understanding on both sides. It may also be necessary to work with marketing teams to develop communication programmes and accompanying materials to ensure that the sales pitch is delivered successfully.


Many technology salespeople have a technical background, but they may be unfamiliar with specific sales approaches at first. Others may have a solid sales background in another area but need to expand their technological skills. Employers look for confident employees who are willing to learn new skills or expand their knowledge, regardless of their past.

You’ll be the employer’s first pick if you’re adaptable to new ways of working and fit in with the company culture.

Posted at 10:35 am on Thursday the 27th of May, 2021.


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