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Why use Pulse?

The best salespeople have a combination of high intelligence, drive, work ethic, courage and often an inquisitive nature. This leads them to ask the right questions at the right time.


None of these traits are obvious on a resume!


That’s where we come in…

and that’s why our screening processes are thorough and our large network make all the difference when hiring a salesperson that generates high revenue and is a consistent top performer.

Hiring Sales Professionals


We appreciate that people are key to the success of any organisation and good talent is in short supply. Over the years we have built long-lasting relationships and seen many careers flourish. We take pride in being able to help candidates grow and develop in their career and work with clients ranging from large Multi-Nationals to local SMEs.

We invest in the latest technologies to source talent ranging from entry level roles through to executive appointments. We will work in partnership with you to identify the most appropriate recruitment solution for your business.

Submit your available job details on the form and one of our specialist consultants will contact you to discuss your hiring needs. Alternatively, please give us a call on 02 9387 7005 or email us at admin@pulserecruitment.com.au.

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