When your colleague becomes your “work wife”

When your colleague becomes your “work wife”

Remember how easy it was to make friends in primary school? What about lolly bags at birthday parties? Whatever happened to them? Those were the best part of going to a birthday party. It was like being rewarded for being social.

Now that we’re adults and we are getting back into the office after the peak of Coronavirus, we essentially spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our family. Now before you let that stress you out, let’s stop and think about what that actually means. If you work with great people, chances are, you’re going to last a lot longer in your job. As friendships naturally evolve in office environments, it’s pretty great when your office mate becomes your “work wife”. You know that moment when you realise your relationship has gone from colleague to friend, and the quote from Step Brothers suddenly has a new meaning, Did we just become best friends?”…”YEP!”

Step Brothers sales movie.

Gone are the days of ‘how was your weekend?’ because chances are, you probably saw each other on the weekend.

If you’re an employer, and you see these types of friendships developing, embrace it. Be proud. This means your staff feel comfortable enough to hang outside of work, get to know each other personally, and offer support when they are having a tough day at work.

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