What you should know about working in tech sales

What you should know about working in tech sales

The world of sales is constantly changing, never stagnant, which is especially true in the area of technology sales. With new disruptive technologies continually entering the market, tech salespeople must adapt on the job, whether it’s in terms of the products and services they offer or the clients they work with.

Companies have begun to recognise the value of having specialists in these jobs as technical sales needs have expanded in recent years. The demand for people who know how to succeed in tech sales roles has increased as technology evolves and grows, whether they’re bringing in expert sales personnel through IT & technical sales recruitment or building for the future with entry-level or graduate technical salespeople.

Having a technical sales specialist on staff is critical for bringing in new business and growing sales teams in order to keep up with changing technological needs. In addition, working in sales can allow those with a technical background to start a new profession in a fast-paced workplace with many opportunities.

With Pulse Recruitment, you can learn more about the world of tech sales and everything you need to know about working in one of the most advanced businesses around. We specialise in technical recruitment, combining a unique background of understanding the latest technology with interpersonal skills to identify the best tech salespeople.

What exactly is the technology sales industry?

Tech sales is a relatively recent industry that arose in response to the emergence of new sectors such as FinTech and software as a service (SaaS). This shift in demand necessitated hiring new sales experts with the specialised technical expertise of both products and software.

A technical sales position entails efficiently connecting with customers in order to sell the value of technological products and services. It’s about effectively expressing why and how a piece of technology could offer value to a clients business by understanding their demands and problem spots. Whether it’s marketing cloud solutions to B2B audiences or impacting IT solutions to consumers, specialised knowledge and a persuasive, welcoming demeanour are essential.

Working in tech sales also entails keeping up with any and all changes within the industry. It’s a very reactive industry, so you’ll need to keep your ear to the ground to keep your knowledge fresh and up to date. Tech salespeople must also be able to answer technical enquiries and effectively present information to both the sales team and customers in a language they understand, keeping in mind that not everyone has the same level of technical knowledge.

TYPES OF Technical sales jobs

Technical sales jobs can be filled by anyone, from a recent university graduate with the natural technical aptitude to someone who has spent years working in IT and is looking for a change. Here are a few examples of the types of positions that a modern sales team requires.

Graduate of software technology sales

Many tech start-ups will be looking for graduates with a passion for technology who can market various software goods to businesses. This profession is an excellent stepping-stone into the industry since it makes use of the tech abilities that modern graduates have grown up with. In addition, it usually offers a progressive training scheme as well as hands-on experience.


IT sales positions can be found in both the B2C and B2B sectors, and they require both technical and sales expertise. Because of the nature of the job, you must be aware of all areas of the client journey, including:

Pre-sales: Gaining an understanding of the customer’s demands and sharing your expertise.

Sales: Demonstrating why the customer requires the technical product and proposing a solution that is beneficial to both sides.

Post-sales: Maintaining contact with customers in order to provide further technical support, which is a crucial component of the process when working with complex technology.


Technical sales managers are critical within any firm, leading the team and driving change in response to shifting tech demands. They have a specialised understanding of a field, such as FinTech, and past experience in both tech and traditional sales. The responsibilities of a tech sales manager, who is in charge of managing an entire team, include:

  • Developing and executing a sales plan
  • Identifying new business opportunities and developments
  • Identifying team weaknesses and promoting professional growth through training
  • Developing a strategy for new technologies and advancements
  • To boost ROI, keep track of sales productivity and success
  • Regular sales reports are used to communicate with senior management


It’s critical to look for a unique combination of abilities when hiring for a technical sales position. It’s not easy to come by, but at Pulse Recruitment, we look for people who aren’t simply salespeople or just technically savvy; but have a mix of the two. We recruit tech salespeople who have a great understanding of technology and strong soft skills, resulting in powerful selling ability.

When hiring for sales positions, there are some various fundamental skills to look for, including:

  • Product knowledge on the technical side
  • Clear communication of technical information
  • Understanding the customer needs and wants
  • Business-minded outlook
  • Awareness of new opportunities
  • Problem-solving


It’s critical to find a balance between solid sales skills and excellent technical understanding when choosing a tech sales specialist.

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