The workplace battle; corporate vs. startup

The workplace battle; corporate vs. startup

Most corporate environments have amazing perks, but so do small companies and startups. If you’re looking to secure a new role, it’s important to give some thought as to the type of culture and company size you’re looking for.

When it comes to the hard facts, Australia is distinct in terms of its high share of small businesses (less than 50 employees) that are start-ups (up to two years old). Australia had the second highest proportion (behind Brazil) of small businesses that are either start-ups or start-ups/young (up to five years) over the 2001–11 period. More than half (54 per cent) of Australian small businesses are aged under five years.

With that being said, let’s break it down into the pros and cons of small businesses vs the standard corporate environments. Note that these are generally speaking, and don’t apply to every company big or small.

Small Business/Startups – Pros

  • Opportunity to wear many different hats in the business and get exposure to more opportunities
  • Opportunity to work alongside senior leaders
  • Easier to stand out of the pack (you’re not just a number)
  • Trendy offices
  • Wear more casual attire
  • Friday drinks (yes, a beer at your desk is acceptable)
  • Music playing
  • Career progression
  • Casual environment

Small Business/Startups – Cons

  • Less financial security (startups have a very high fail rate)
  • There will be many awkward transitions and learning curves
  • No HR rep/support if there are internal issues
  • Minimum processes
  • Smaller budgets
  • Longer hours

Now let’s take a look at the corporate side…

Corporate – Pros

  • Large budgets
  • Higher salary
  • Central offices
  • Typically 9-5 hours
  • Structured processes
  • Company stability
  • Experienced leaders

Corporate – Cons

  • Formal work attire
  • Serious work environment (no music, no Friday drinks)
  • Slower career progression
  • Have to go through many different levels of management before a decision can be made
  • Less autonomy to make decisions
  • Less exposure to senior leaders

As a whole, large corporations and small businesses/start ups all have great perks, it just depends on your personality and what will better suit your career goals.

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