The new way to get career advice…
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The new way to get career advice…

Recently LinkedIn released a new tool, Career Advice! Now I know some people might be a bit sceptical about asking random people for advice, but here are my reasons why you should definitely try this new tool, and what I learnt from my experience!

Why should you try career advice on Linkedin?

No matter what stage of your career you are in it is important to learn from your peers or superiors. Not only may they have general advice that you can take on board, but most likely that have been in a position similar to yours and have the background experience on how to move forward in a certain situation. Whether you are just looking to grow your network, sit down for coffee with someone in the industry, or truly need some advice this tool is great for anyone. A question to ask yourself would be why make a mistake that someone before you has made when you don’t have to? 

What I learnt from some lovely people!

Using LinkedIn’s Career Advice I met with four different, experienced, women in my industry. You simply send a message using the tool and this allows a connection to be made, from here you can ask anything and get all the advice you desire. With my meetings I wanted to focus on learning my mentor’s most important tips that they have picked up along the way, to give me that extra step in my career. I am a true believer in learning from others so that you can grow from their experiences.

Here are the most important career tips that my mentors picked up along the way:

  • Have a mentor that can think logically while you are not. They can give you advice in a situation where you aren’t able to think rationally.
  • Take your knowledge and apply it in different ways. Think outside the box with what you know.
  • Know that you won’t always end up where you think you will.
  • Be open to opportunities even if you don’t know if you can do it.
  • Trust your gut.
  • Know what you will and won’t do- be picky if you can!
  • Have balance in your life- don’t let your life fall apart for your career because in the end who will be next to you. It’s very unlikely the answer is your career.
  • Enjoy what you do, why live a life where you are unhappy for the majority of your week.
  • Focus on your long-term goal and don’t lose sight of it.
  • Be your own PR and market yourself. Sell yourself; you are the best person to sell yourself to the world!
  • Have a presence, be a thought leader.
  • Girls: Wonder Woman pose before every important meeting. You can do it!

So my recommendation, Try it! What is the worst that happens? You expand your network and make another connection. The best? You could find yourself with some inspirational mentors that have a lifelong interest in your career. Who doesn’t need more people on your team?

So let me know how you go!

Until next time…

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