How to prepare for a Psychometric Test

Long gone are the days where employers solely rely on a simple face-to-face interview and reference check to secure a candidate. With the ability to accurately measure a candidate’s aptitude and behavioural traits, it’s another way to assess if they will be the right fit for the role and company culture. Psychometric testing is especially great for recent university graduates who are lacking experience in the corporate world as it acts as a form of insight into their soft skills and reliability.

Recruitment mistakes can be costly for the workplace, especially when hiring for a sales role. This is why so many of our client’s insist on receiving a psychometric assessment of the candidate as part of their application.

So, here are our pointers on how you can best prepare for a psychometric test:

1- Ask questions

There are various forms of psychometric testing around, which is why it’s useful to find out what they are looking for from you. Also, knowing the method of testing and time requirements can help manage your expectations.

2 – Practice

A psychometric TEST is just like any other. With that being said, you can often find sample or practice exams which to help you familiarise yourself with the type of content before doing the one that counts.

3- Be in a good mental state

This one is pretty self-explanatory really. Just like with any other test, you want to make sure you’re stress-free and in a positive environment. You’d hate for a small distraction to affect your results and impact the possibility of landing yourself the dream job!

4 – Be honest

Lying while undertaking a psychometric assessment actually causes inconsistencies with your results (as the system understands you are trying to manipulate it) therefore rendering it invalid. Also, the personality assessment is trying to identify the best suited role and culture for YOU! It’s best to let it do its job without the results being skewed.

It looks like psychometric testing has made quite the positive impact on the recruitment industry. Rather than running away and trying to avoid these types of tests, it may be best to just be prepared to tackle them. Here at Pulse Recruitment, we regularly use psychometric testing (specifically Thomas International testing), especially for our Graduate Program. Our clients appreciate their reliability and how they in-depth the analysis is.

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