Drones and the future of recruitment

Drones and the future of recruitment

In August, Domino’s Pizza demonstrated a successful store-to-door pizza delivery in New Zealand by using a drone. With common pizza delivery restrictions such as traffic and long distances, it’s not unrealistic to think that drones could be the answer to faster and cheaper pizza deliveries. High fives all around, pizza lovers.

Although there is a lot of controversy around drones in terms of privacy, safety, registrations, regulations, licences, etc., we continue to see drones expanding across many industries; real estate, postal services, farming, police, oil and gas, media, government…the list goes on. But hold on a second, what about drones in the recruitment industry?

Putting all the flaws and concerns of drones aside, there are some potential benefits a drone could bring to the industry.

1 – Getting a better understanding of the location

Drones would allow job seekers to see the office from a perspective showing the neighbourhood and proximity to public transport. Yes, you can already see this on Google Maps, but an aerial view could give a broader view of the neighbourhood and what the potential commute is like.

2 – An insider’s scoop of the culture

Drones could showcase footage from the inside of the company allowing the culture and office environment to be visible. Often, job seekers don’t know what the culture and office looks like until they get there on the first day.

3 – Career fairs

Perhaps the next career fair you’re at will have drones flying around. These could be used to observe talent behaviour (i.e. which booths job seekers are stopping at most) to improve the overall flow of the event and develop data-based marketing strategies.

4 – Delivering packages

Some companies require physical copies of employment contracts. Who knows, maybe a drone will show up at your door to collect your signed agreement one day. Or even better, to drop you off a welcome gift prior to your first day!

Imagine the possibilities. With the rapid advances of technology, I would not be surprised if drones crack into the recruitment agency in the near future. Realistically speaking, it may not improve efficiencies or cut costs, but at least it’d be a good PR stunt.

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