Blog: Top 3 Resume Tips for 2019 by Daniel Hale

Blog: Top 3 Resume Tips for 2019 by Daniel Hale

Blog post written by our Director Daniel Hale!

If you’re looking for a new sales role in 2019 and want your resume to stand out from the crowd here’s a few tips;

1. Start and end with your achievements. A sales resume with no achievements in it is like an omelette with no eggs. Aim for at least 3 achievements under each role such as Internal Promotions, Awards won, Over-achieved Quarterly / Yearly revenue targets and major accounts that you have won.

2. Your resume needs to tell your story and it needs to be relevant so don’t wash over your duties with jargon that you think will sound good. If 50% of your role was cold calling then call it like it is and say that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and, if you’re applying for a new business role, the closer you get to showing a completed sales cycle the better.

3. Write a killer summary and lose the cover letter. A summary of 4-5 lines which relates to the role that you’re applying for is gold. It shows that you aren’t just applying for every role but have a specific objective in mind and you know what you want. If you are going for a new business sales hunter role its important not to come across as an Account Manager and vice versa so keep it focused and relevant.

Would be great to hear other tips…

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