Blog: Open and Honest Hiring by Daniel Hale

Blog: Open and Honest Hiring by Daniel Hale

Blog post written by our Director Daniel Hale!

“Putting it all on the table before you hire is always the best strategy.

The good the bad and the ugly.

One of the biggest reasons sales people leave Companies is because they were over promised in interview. Whether it be commissions, the account base inherited or how quickly career progression can happen.

Talking about the challenges in a role will build trust and increase the chances of better retention. It’s also worth facing up to problems that have occurred in the past that have now been rectified. Better coming from you than a competitor!

Likewise, job seekers that are honest about their weaknesses show self-awareness and, without being flippant about it, this is a trait right up there with honesty and integrity

Would be interested to hear peoples’ experiences…”

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