What not to say to your recruiter

What not to say to your recruiter

When meeting with a recruiter to discuss your career and upcoming roles that may suit your skill set, there are a few things we recommend not mentioning.

For starters – when a consultant asks what type of role you’re looking for, don’t just say “anything”. Yes, that’s great you’re willing to work in various industries and areas, but please be specific. If you aren’t able to specify what you’re looking for, perhaps you haven’t done enough research yet to know what you want. Being focused and confident about the type of work you’re looking for is much more appealing than someone who “just wants a job”.  As a starting point, when asked what you’re looking for, be prepared to talk about the type of industry, tasks, company size, location, and salary you’re looking for.

Another big no-no is giving your recruiter incorrect information. Our Graduate Recruitment Consultant, Gillian White, strongly recommends telling the truth about your current salary. Your potential new employer will get a poor taste in their mouth if they find this out. It’ll also make them question what else you’ve lied about on your CV.

Last but not least, don’t give us excuses, we can handle the truth! One of our consultants, Paul Cummins, recently received a text from his candidate saying he missed the appointment because his “dingo escaped”. Although the office had a good laugh from this awful excuse, we also agreed it’s better to just be honest. If you’re no longer interested in a role and want to back out of an interview or an appointment, just tell us. Believe us, we’d rather someone have a change of heart than be a no-show.

Truth wins every time, folks!

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