Millennials, often described as the “me me me” generation, are an important topic to discuss considering they will make up one-third of Australia’s work force by 2020. This generation is born between 1980 and 2000 and are most commonly known for being tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, adventurous, conscious about health, social, economical and environmental issues, and they also happen to be the most educated generation in Western History. On the flip side, they tend to also get a bad reputation for being impatient, disloyal, overly self-confident, lazy, and easily bored.

Now let’s focus on what this means for millennials and their careers. This generation is notorious for job hopping and always keeping an eye out for the next opportunity that offers career progression. According to research by ManpowerGroup Solutions, more than half (59%) of Australian millennials are actively looking for their next job opportunity. This could either be a blessing in disguise to the recruitment industry, or it’s just straight up disruptive.

According to a survey done by Career Builder, 25% of workers will have held five jobs or more by the age of 35. Whether you like it or not, job hoppers are here to stay (ironic way to put it, I know). To avoid turnover with the ‘young ones’, employers should set up one on one time with these employees to understand their goals and needs, and work with them to map out a clear career progression plan and KPI’s to help them reach that next level. The biggest reasons millennials change jobs are for a pay increase, and for career progression. If their resignation is avoidable (and they’re a star employee), make those necessary changes. It’ll save training and hiring costs down the line.

If you are a job hopper yourself, it may be worth writing down what you enjoy about your current role, and what would make you potentially switch. If you’ve been in your roles less than 2 years, try holding off to gain some tenure and loyalty to your CV.

Although the grass isn’t always greener, it can be intriguing to hear what opportunities are out there. If you’re curious to hear what we’ve got at the moment, send through your CV to

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