The power of a written note

The power of a written note

Gone are the days of a good ol’ love letter. Thinking now about how our grandparents’ generation used to write letters as a form of communication – and that was their normal. Nowadays, we’re all about convenience, speed and simplicity for our everyday communication.

When talking about snail mail, I never get excited when I check the mail at home. Most of the time it’s junk mail or something boring from the Government that I pass on to my partner to read (#sorrynotsorry). But on the VERY rare occasion of receiving actual-legitimate-handwritten-adorable snail mail, I usually let out a little scream of excitement. The fact that someone took the time to buy an envelope and stamp, look up my address, write the letter, and find the nearest mailbox is just so…intimate. Maybe I get more excited than most people do about snail mail, but I really do think there’s value in sending handwritten mail. Even if the content itself isn’t all that exciting, the effort from a handwritten letter itself will get noticed by the reader because of how rare it is.

Next time you’re looking to thank someone, try a handwritten card. This can be effective as long as the timing of the delivery isn’t critically important. For example, if you’re writing a handwritten thank you card after an interview, and it takes 1-2 weeks to get there, they may have already moved on and selected another candidate. In my opinion, post-interview thank you’s should be via email, while any non-time sensitive thank you’s should be handwritten personally.

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