Pulse Gets Personal – The Laura Dietzsch Edition!

Pulse Gets Personal – The Laura Dietzsch Edition!

Next up on our ‘Pulse Gets Personal’ series is Laura Dietzsh! Laura has been our Intern in our Pulse Recruitment Sydney office. Here is a little about her…

Tell us your story of how you got into Recruitment.

Whilst studying I heard about jobs in HR, which made me want to get a look in the field of recruiting. I thought an internship would be a great way to gain insight into the role I might want to pursue.

What inspires you to go to work every day?

Success is what inspires me to go to work each day, I want to do my best in each and every situation and my career is very important! I also love the environment I work in and the people I work with which helps so much!

Let’s Go!

Full Name: Laura Dietzsch

Hometown: Erlangen, Germany

Currently Residing In: Sydney, NSW

Occupation at Pulse Recruitment: Intern

How you spend your spare time: Going out with my friends and occasionally going to the gym

Regularly playing on your Spotify: Latin music, German Hip Hop, House, R&B … basically anything

Breakfast meal of choice before the workday: Coffee

Favourite holiday destination: Greece so far

Dream travel destination (have not visited as yet): The Caribbean Islands or Hawaii

Currently reading: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite film: Stand by me

Favourite food: Greek

What three things can you not live without? Family, Friends (sooo cliché) and my earplugs to listen to music

Who’s your idol (and why?): My parents

Do you have any hidden talents? I have Double jointed arms; but that’s more of a weird dysfunction than a talent

What makes you the happiest? Having fun with my friends

Name one cool thing on your bucket list: Attending the Carnival in Rio

What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy

Best piece of advice you’ve ever heard (or been given): “Lass dein Telefon beim Essen aus!” Best advice anyone should adapt to

Rapid Fire

Red Wine or White? Probably white… but to be honest neither (I’ll take the beer)

Mountains or beach? Beach

Country or city? Country

Dogs, Cats or Reptiles? Dogs

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn? Summer

Until next time…

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