Pulse Gets Personal – The Tobias Edition

Pulse Gets Personal – The Tobias Edition

Next up on our ‘Pulse Gets Personal’ series is the face of Pulse Talent; Tobias Taylor! Here is a little about him…

Tell us your story of how you got started in Pulse Talent’s video interview platform?

I had just come back from a year of travelling overseas. I was working on plans to build a start-up of my own and had just been accepted into a masters program at the University of Queensland to study entrepreneurship and innovation when Adrian (one of the Pulse Talent founders) called me to ask me if I’d be interested in building Pulse Talent.. He told me about the role and sold me on the idea. I accepted and now here we are!

What inspires you to go to work every day?

Working on something that will fundamentally impact the way the world works. Building something from the ground up.

Full Name: Tobias Ferguson Taylor

Nicknames: Toby, Tobes and a long list of variations that family use

Home Town: Thirroul, Illawarra

Currently Residing In: Gladesville

Occupation at Pulse Recruitment: Business Development within Pulse Talent

Siblings: One brother, one sister and a half sister

Pets: None right now, but always had lots of pets growing up. Including: dog, budgies, fish, yabbies, rats, chickens, rabbit…

How you spend your spare time: Working out, beach/ walks/ runs, cooking and learning new recipes, planning trips, spending time with family and friends (when it’s not COVID-19)/, brainstorming start-up ideas and good banter.

Regularly playing on your Spotify: Podcasts-  Starting Greatness, the Tim Ferriss Show,

Music wise I listen to a massive range from your pop playlists, R&B, rap, to more cruisy Jack Johnson and Bob Marley as well as some Latin tunes here and there.

Breakfast meal of choice before the workday: Coffee. I am usually doing intermittent fasting (16:8) during the week so I will skip breakfast and have my first meal around 12- 1.

Favourite holiday destination: Thailand/ South East Asia – Good food, cheap, scooters, adventure activities and beaches…

Dream travel destination (have not visited as yet): Philippines – scuba diving holiday.

Currently Reading: The Lean Startup and Principles by Ray Dalio.

Favourite Film: A couple of favourites: Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption and Gladiator.

Favourite Food: Penang Curry chicken (from a place called Old Siam in Thirroul) better than any place I have tried in all of my trips to Thailand.

What three things can you not live without? Exercise,Thai food and Twisties (that’s why I need the exercise)

Who’s your idol (and why?): I don’t have any one idol but look up to people that have made a big life from nothing.

Do you have any hidden talents? I can ride a unicycle and speak Spanish and Portuguese (although it’s a bit rusty these days).

What makes you the happiest? Good food, good people and being close to the beach.

Name one cool thing on your bucket list: I’d also like to buy a yacht and sail from Florida down to Colombia. I also want to get a horse and do an extended trip through Patagonia.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ninja Warrior

Best piece of advice you’ve ever heard (or been given): Don’t ever stop learning and looking forward – be inquisitive by nature.

Rapid Fire

Red or White Wine? Red

Mountains or Beach? Beach

Country or City? City

Dogs, Cats or Reptiles? Dogs

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn? Summer

Until next time… visit Pulse Talent for further information!

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