Pulse Gets Personal – The Taryn Allanson Edition

Pulse Gets Personal – The Taryn Allanson Edition

Next up on our Pulse Gets Personal Series is our lovely Education Consultant, Taryn Allanson. She is a recent graduate who brings energy, enthusiasm, and an analytical approach to her work. Taryn goes the extra mile with her candidates to ensure they have a positive experience with Pulse Recruitment. Without further ado…

Tell us about your career path so far. I just graduated from Macquarie University with a Psychology degree and this is my first job in my career.

What inspires you to go to work every day? The fact I am working towards my future and of course the satisfaction of helping people.

What are your biggest career achievements? Because of the fact that I just started my career after working at Coles during my studies, I am not able to say I achieved something yet. But if we were to talk about sports, I could talk you through the marathon I did.

Full Name: Taryn Allanson

Nicknames: Taz

Hometown: Sydney

Occupation at Pulse Recruitment: Education Consultant

Length at Pulse Recruitment:  2 months

Siblings: My twin sister Alex.

Pets: I own two dogs named Lucky and Chloe

How you spend your spare time: Watching TV, running, bushwalking, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Regularly playing on your Spotify: Taylor Swift

Breakfast meal of choice before the workday: Rye sourdough toast with Vegemite and butter.

Dream travel destination (or favourite place you’ve been): The Northern Lights in Canada.

Currently Reading: A long way home by  Katie McGarry

Favourite film: Just go with it.

Pick your poison:  Seafood.

What three things can you not live without? Food, water and air.

Who’s your idol (and why?): The Kardashians. They have a sense of loyalty to friends and family that I admire. I also love their drive and the way they inspire people. Plus, it’s great trashy TV.

Do you have any hidden talents? I can eat an entire large chocolate Easter bunny under a minute.

What makes you the happiest? Watching Friends in my pyjamas on my couch.

Name one cool thing on your bucket list: Travelling to Antarctica

What do you want to be when you grow up? HAPPY

Best piece of advice you’ve ever heard (or been given): Think of the worst that can happen and then realise it’s not so bad.

Rapid Fire

Mountains or beach? Beach

Country or city? City

Dogs, Cats or Reptiles? Dogs

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn? Spring

If you’re interested to learn more about our training solutions, feel free to drop Taryn a line!

Until next time…


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