Pulse Gets Personal- The Lara Burgess Edition

Pulse Gets Personal- The Lara Burgess Edition

Next up on our “Pulse Gets Personal” series is our new candidate manager Lara Burgess. Lara is our newest team member that is always up for a laugh. Lara is young and driven and with her previous recruitment experience she is ready to smash this role. So lets hear a little bit about Lara…

Tell us your story of how you got into recruitment: I actually really fell into recruitment. I went for an interview for a receptionist role when I was eighteen and ended up getting offered a role at the recruitment agency that was representing me. I fell in love with recruiting from there.

Years in industry? One year in the sales industry and 6 months in the recruitment industry.

What inspires you to go to work every day? Money and Success!

Career achievements? My dream is to own my own home at twenty five and to be in a role where I am happy and successful.

Full Name: Lara Burgess

Nicknames: None

Hometown: Balmain

Currently Live: Lilyfield

Occupation at Pulse Recruitment: Candidate Manager

Length at Pulse Recruitment:  One month

Siblings: Two

Pets: One

How you spend your spare time: Usually with friends and family, normally we are out catching up and enjoying food and drinks.

Regularly playing on your Spotify: RnB

Breakfast meal of choice before the workday: Can’t go past Avo on toast.

Dream travel destination (or favourite place you’ve been): Greece

Currently Reading: I actually don’t enjoy reading. So just Facebook.

Favourite film: Harry Potter (any of the 8 movies) or 500 days of Summer

Pick your poison: Definitely chocolate

What three things can you not live without? Food, Friends and Fun! (And alliteration)

Do you have any hidden talents? No sadly- maybe I will discover one soon.

What makes you the happiest? Having a joke around with friends.

Name one cool thing on your bucket list: I really want to swim with sharks.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy!

Best piece of advice you’ve ever heard (or been given): Don’t worry! Be happy!

Rapid Fire

Red Wine or White? White

Mountains or beach? Beach

Country or city? City

Dogs, Cats or Reptiles? Dogs

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? Summer


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