October is the new January

October is the new January

January is a notorious month for a fresh start, new beginning, new chapter… or however you like to call it. Perhaps that means you’re looking to get back at the gym, have a better year with saving financially, spending more time with friends and family – or, perhaps you’re looking for a new job.

Summer is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for a new role, you’ll want to pay attention. As we all know, the whole country basically ‘shuts down’ in December (Aussies sure do love their summer barbeques) – essentially, it’s quite tough to change roles in December. According to LinkedIn’s Annual Talent Trend Report, a whopping 37% of Australian’s who were surveyed changed jobs between February and March of 2016. That stat is absolutely massive! What that means is, if you’re getting itchy feet and know you’re looking for a change in the near future, October is the new January. Don’t wait until the New Year to start looking, start now. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move jobs before 2016 closes off, but it’s worth opening the door and beginning those early conversations. This will help paint the picture of what the job market is like, what roles are available, and gives you more time to explore options. Plus, you’ll be ahead of the curve with the other thousands of Australian’s looking to change roles in January.

Here are 5 quick tips to prepare you for a job change in the short term:

1 – Update your CV

2 – Update your LinkedIn

3 – Start writing down a list of what you want in your next role (location, salary, job title, company size, etc)

4 – Reach out to recruiters to begin early conversations (I think we may know one or two!)

5 – Start researching to see what type of roles are on the market and what interests you

If you’re looking for a new role and want to get ahead of the pack, email through your CV to Jaclyn at admin@pulsegroup.com.au

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