“It’s not always perfect”. Top tips we can all learn from some very inspirational women.
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“It’s not always perfect”. Top tips we can all learn from some very inspirational women.

Recently I got the chance to attend the Business Chicks event in Sydney. Now being surrounded by determined business women is always going to be inspiring, but going into this event I thought it would be useful to walk away from the day having a list of tips to stay inspired in my everyday life.  But why keep this list to myself? Everyone is always looking for that edge, in the office or at home, and as they say you should learn from the best!

There were ten different panels on the day, which is a lot of inspiration to work with! All of these speakers had their own personal touch to add to their message, and every speaker told a different story of their success and how they manage their life. Some of the highlights for me personally, were hearing Nicole Eckels, Megan Hess and Mandi Gunsberger speak about their brands, and hearing Justine Cullen, Suzy Nicoletti and Jessica Rowe speak about managing their schedules. Now if you don’t know who these women are that is okay, but we have the likes of the MD of Twitter, an actor, an artist, Editor of Elle and entrepreneurs, all speaking about their experiences in business, and they know their stuff!

So after hearing these inspirational women talk here is my “top tips list” that I walked away with:

  • Be honest with each other. If you need help ask for it.
  • It is not always perfect. Things go wrong and that’s okay.
  • We need to accept that most of life isn’t as perfect as Instagram might show it.
  • Know what battles you have to let go.
  • Learn to say no when you need to.
  • Take advantage of opportunity, especially in business.
  • Just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean you have to as well.
  • Be different from your competitors not a follower.
  • Sometimes it is really about faking it till you make it.
  • Make your own definition of success.

This list is a little reminder that we can all benefit from looking back on from time to time. The most important thing that I took away from this event was that your success is determined by yourself and not by anyone else. Success is what you make it!

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