Is The Demise of Group Assessments Finally Upon Us?

Is The Demise of Group Assessments Finally Upon Us?

The downfall of group assessment centres just might finally be upon us… we can only hope!

The current upheaval that we are all going through is shaking the foundations of society and business. One of the many changes that will be fast-tracked will be the way that we think about recruitment – and, in my view, front and centre of this change will be the death of the group assessment centre which should find their rightful place alongside the fax machine and the horse-and-cart.

The Main Issue

What I have always had concerns with in regards to group assessment centres is that, aside from being treated like cattle, the best candidates are often missed. The reason – the loudest in the room is not necessarily the best in the room. Group assessments generally favour extroverts over ambiverts and introverts, (the groups that often make the best salespeople because of their listening skills). Some people are better suited and shine when selling one-on-one but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are great in group situations. Talking one-to-one is a far more common experience in sales and customer service roles than presenting to larger groups so it makes sense to interview one-to-one – or maybe with 1 – 2 decision-makers and not a room full of people.

How Pulse Talent Started

This is one of the reasons that Pulse Talent was formed – we wanted to give candidates a less biased experience combining human intuition with the unbiased, objective assessment that AI can make via video interviewing. We want to take as much of the biases away from the process as possible and focus on traits that matter in sales, customer service and retail roles.

Uncovering the true personality!


We still believe that a human should have the final say in the hiring process, but the point is that every applicant is given a fair go and the hidden gems that group assessment tend to miss are found more times than not.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you love group assessments or hate them?

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