“I love applying for jobs” – said no one ever

“I love applying for jobs” – said no one ever

Let’s face it; applying for jobs is mentally exhausting. It’s boring, you can come out of it feeling defeated, and it takes up a lot of your time.

If you haven’t had any luck lately with the job search, try asking yourself these two questions:

QUESTION #1: Have I ever applied for two different jobs, using the same resume?

If you answered ‘yes’, chances are, that’s the reason you’re not having much luck. You probably feel like your wheels are spinning, and you’re not getting anywhere.

Unless you’re applying for a very similar role in the same industry, unfortunately, you need to tailor your resume to each position you’re sending it. Believe us; we can quickly tell if it is a recycled resume, and this isn’t going to do you any favours. The most crucial point to remember is to emphasise areas of your experience and achievements that match the job position you are submitting it forward.

QUESTION #2: If they called me back for this role, would I be excited?

If you answered ‘no’, then don’t bother applying. Spend your time wisely and on an application that you care about instead.

TIP: It’s better to apply for five jobs with a robust and tailored application then to apply for 50 jobs and basically, throw your resume out there and hope someone catches it.

Quality over quantity is critical.

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