Blog: Not all Experience is Good Experience by Daniel Hale

Blog: Not all Experience is Good Experience by Daniel Hale

Blog post written by our Director Daniel Hale!

Not all experience is good experience…

Trump said that the one thing Hilary Clinton had over him was experience. But it was bad experience! Like him or loathe him, this hit a real cord in the Presidential debate leading to the 2016 US election.

In the world of sales, some experience is bad experience, and this can come in many different forms.

Perhaps it’s learning bad habits from a poor manager. Maybe it’s staying in a role too long and loosing some of your drive and sharpness because things become too easy as you sit on existing accounts.

It even might be taking an ‘easier’ inbound role when an outbound role would have been more challenging and taught you more front line skills.

Either way, it’s important to think about what a role will give to your career and not just your bank balance when you are considering new options.

Bad experience can lead to bad habits and an overly sceptical outlook which can take you backwards and not forwards in your career.

Would be great to hear your thoughts….

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