As we wrap up 2016 here at Pulse Recruitment, we’re beyond pleased with the year as a whole and would like to take the time to highlight some of our major achievements.

To start, we grew the team by hiring the following (incredible!) staff:

  • David Cavanagh – Consultant
  • Laura Bury – Market Research Specialist
  • Ben Vivian – Consultant
  • Paul Cummins – Consultant
  • Jaclyn Campbell – Business Manager
  • Lauren Meisner – Trainee Consultant

We also celebrated four promotions which were all well-deserved, and all properly celebrated.

Paul Cummins – promoted from Trainee Consultant to Consultant


Laura Bury – promoted from Trainee Consultant to Marketing Research Specialist & Recruitment Consultant


Ben Vivian – promoted from Trainee Consultant to Consultant


Alex Speedie – promoted from Consultant to Senior Consultant


We enjoyed team building events such as an afternoon off for the Melbourne Cup, team dinners at some of Sydney’s trendiest restaurants including Mr Wong, INDU and Hubert, along with a 3 day table tennis tournament to determine who was the office champion (Adam McDougall). We participated in City2Surf, started up a boxing club, and the gents in the office play in a weekly football club.

We had a record breaking month for the most candidates placed ever due to an all-round solid team effort.

We started up a blog, we hit 5K LinkedIn followers, and we launched our grad video.

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with 2016 and look forward to working with everyone again in 2017.

Check out our highlights video here!

Until next time…